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Friday, September 20, 2013

3 Article Writing Guidelines

Article writing is a good way to make money online. It is therefore good if you learn how to perfect it.

The first guideline is to identify the best format to use in your article writing. The article needs to have at least 3 sections, the introduction, the body and the conclusion. You also need to know your targeted word count so that you can organize your paragraphs. The paragraphs should be between 100-125 words so that it can be easy to read. 

The introduction will tell the reader what to expect in the article, then the body which will have about 3 to 4 paragraphs will explain the introduction in detail while the conclusion will summarize the important points to note.
Once you have the format, the second guideline is to pick the appropriate topic. This should be something that you are passionate about so that it can be interesting to write about. This will also give you a chance to teach others what you already know about. 
Just to be sure, research and find out more about this subject so that you can have more interesting points, and you can also expand on the topic and also be able to write several articles out of the subject. 

The final guideline to your article writing is to start writing. Make sure that you have important points written down so that you can be able to refer to them as you are writing just to ensure that you do not leave out any important points that you would have liked to feature in your article. The first copy is draft, then you will edit before producing the final copy for submission to the article directories. 

The more articles you write the better it will be for you so that you can increase visibility and traffic to your website. 

These article writing guidelines will help you to become a better article marketer. So get started and implement these guidelines into your article writing and wait to see success.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How professional SEO firms use White-Hat SEO Techniques

The SEO strategies are categorized into two main groups, White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO techniques.
The use of White Hat SEO techniques involve the application of Google recommended SEO methods that are considered genuine when it comes to search engine standards. They are used by professional firms or companies that operate genuinely to ensure long term visibility and value on search engine results pages. Every genuine business on the website aims at getting long term recognition and therefore hiring the services of a competent SEO will go a long way in helping achieve this goal.
Black Hat technique on the other hand is the use of those methods that are considered illegal by SEO agencies and Google. The firms that use these methods are corrupt and often dodge their way into results pages. The use of these methods can result to sanctions against the website or it can be banned from indexes by Google search. It is therefore important to outsource the services of a genuine SEO professional if you want to be in business for long.
One of the ways which professional SEO can us to increase the company’s search rankings is the proper use of keywords in White Hat SEO technique. It is important to carry out research and identify the proper keywords that will be appropriate for your content and for your product and services. You should aim at using what a visitor might type into the search box when looking for your type of products and services. Getting the keywords correct will generate not only traffic for your website but also sales of your products and services.
A good website design also helps in getting indexed by search engines. A competent SEO will know that it is important to have a Google friendly website to increase ranking and also add value to the website. It is vital for the website’s layout to pay attention to how well search engines spiders can easily index a site once a keyword is typed into the search box, so that the company can gain greater visibility in search engines.
The other method in White Hat SEO is link building which ensures that the website has reliable and steady flow of site traffic. Good SEO service providers can help the company set up inbound links that which diverts the users to the main website when they conduct a search for related information in blogs and forums. The SEO service providers can also post links to their websites that has related content to increase traffic to your website.
It is easy to tell the difference between articles that have been written for humans and those that have been written for the search engines. It is therefore important to always have rich content that will be comfortable for humans to read, which should also be informative. The content should also at the same time be good enough for the search engines and should be Google friendly so as to increase visibility and add value to your content. Avoid over using the keyword in the content since this may spam the search engine and can earn get your website sanctioned. A professional White Hat SEO will always know how to put the keywords under control how to effectively use it without abusing it.
The Professional SEO service provider should be in a position to write related write ups and blogs and always keep them updated so that they can remain visible on the search engines.

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Importance of Freelance Writers to White Hat SEO Experts

If your aim is be successful in your business through internet marketing then you have only one option – apply White Hat SEO. This is the ethical type of marketing which is Google friendly and allows you to be highly visible. This is the current genuine way to do business online. This method will ensure that you are in the ranking of search engines. The opposite of this is Black Hat SEO which uses corrupt ways to dodge their way into search engine results. These ways attract penalties and will also see the web that uses it banned by Google.
Freelance writing comes in when it is time to put together high quality website content that will make it easy to be found by search engine. The writer will be expected to come up with articles that will be of high quality and relating to the keywords. 
The keyword will act as a guide for the writer who is working for the White hat SEO Company. The freelance writer will search on the keyword and write around the topic. The writer should be in a position to know where and how to find the right information about the given keyword. Because there are a lot of things to be written about, the White Hat SEO expert will need the services of a writer to create good content for the client’s website.

Writers make use of Google search engine, library books and other source of information to learn more about their keyword.  The content has to make sense and has to be meaningful. The Keyword has to be used well throughout the content, in order to make it easy to find when using search engines.
Freelance writers offer these services at a fee. Different writers will charge differently. On the other hand there are White Hat SEO companies that hire writers and have their salaries all planned out. This can be subject to negotiation or can be fixed offer depending on the company’s ways of operation. The writers are always expected to write an article that has a certain number of words, either between 300-400 words or between 400-500 words, sometimes even more.
WhiteHat SEO experts do not only concentrate of web contents, they also handle blog posts, sales and marketing pages and also press releases. The demand for online writers for SEOs is fast growing, opening many job opportunities for those with an interest in writing. Writing is a skill that developed according to practice.

White Hat SEO Linking

To be successful in online internet marketing campaign, you have to apply the WhiteHat SEO link building technique. This may only be overlooked if you are already one of the established websites that people always link to, but even so, new links still push forward your business to greater heights.
It is therefore important that you set link building as one of your overall objectives when starting business. The work of search engine optimization consultants is mainly to use their expertise in advising clients on which options to go for depending on which matters are at hand.
Here are a few tips on how to take full advantage of the White Hat SEO link building technique and help shape your website’s back-link profiles and ensure that there is enough ratio of URL, keyword anchor texts and trade name links;

1.      Link-bait
This is where you use your content as bait. Make sure you write a good and valuable content and then post it on Stumble upon and Digg et al and wait to see if it will work. If it fails, continue trying until you get one that will bring in traffic and more links.
2.     Article writing
Good articles always just sell themselves because if a reader finds a good article he will probably share it on his social network page. You therefore need to write some good articles and post them on Ezine articles and other related pages. You may also want to use automated software to syndicate the articles that you have posted.
3.     Social bookmarking
Social bookmarking can start from within. Get your team to actively get involved in the social bookmarking. You should bookmark everything including other people’s content.
4.     Directory submission
Submit your name to the directory. This is probably not so widely used anymore but it can still work for some businesses.
All these and much more are acceptable White Hat SEO techniques that are used in link building, so as to increase traffic and improve visibility.  Testing them will probably help you determine which ones work well for you and which ones really don’t. From there you can focus your energy on what really matters for your business. 

Finding a Good Press Release Writing Service

There are many press release writing service providers, and it is therefore difficult to fine one who will offer good services. It is also important that the press release writing service understands how to use the SEO tactics that can help in generating quality links that will send traffic to your website and boost your search engine ranking on the search engine results.
Press release writing can be very beneficial if it is used correctly. It is therefore important to stay focused on the important points when it comes to finding a good article writing service. You need a service provider who will get you the exposure you deserve.
Using SEO in Releases
Before you settle on a press release writing service, ensure that they apply the SEO tactics on their press releases. An optimized press release that has good use in keywords will help giving the deserved exposure through the search engines. Professional press release writer will know how to use the keywords with the release in an effective way. This will improve the press release ranking and will also be identified by Google as related to your area and any links from the release will add value to your information.
Writing using PR format
When it comes to press release writing, it is important to use a professional.  Using a person who is not experienced will leave a room for mistakes. Some of the mistakes will be as result of not understanding the correct format to use and the tone to use in press releases. When the format and the tone of the release is not correct, the publisher may refuse to publish it and this will mean that it will not reach the journalist or the target audience.
In formatting, you need to understand how to lay out the release properly, and the need to add date and time of the release. Online press release site however has this tool automatically. A training writer may not have mastered these vital areas of press release writing. The tone of the release should not be too promotional; otherwise the information will not appear newsworthy.
Getting your distribution right
Once your articles are done, it is important to get your distribution right. Once you know your target market, then you can decide on which channels are best to distribute your release to. You have to make sure that the channel will get it seen by as many eyes as possible. The release should not be seen by just anybody but should be seen by your target audience. If it is viewed by many people but who are not interested in whatever is in the release then it will not have any impact and will not add any value to your work. There are online press release sites where you can also submit your press releases.
It is important to get the right press release writing service that will be able to do for you a good job and get you the deserved exposure.