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Friday, July 18, 2014

Where to get Dofollow Backlinks
I’m quite sure you’d love to see your website ranking increasing from time to time. This means then that you’ve got to create more backlink on them for the ranking to keep going up. You can write up some relevant comments on the Dofollow weblogs. The article talks about the Dofollow and Nofollow link building. Have a look at it.

Websites or blogs that do not use the Nofollow hyperlink in their outbound links are referred to as Dofollow backlinks. The code simply instructs the search engines to avoid the hyperlink with that has that attribute. Spammers who normally comment aimlessly and meaninglessly on your blog seeking to gain lots of backlinks are thereby put off in such a case. These links are not followed by search engines away from your site. Unluckily, other right comments that are left by other internet users may fail to see the light of the day because the search engines may probably not follow them.

It is therefore an advantage for sites that use Nofollow to build their links in their outbound links. The Dofollow blogs and sites are rarely found nowadays, but you can still trace them by doing a search in these websites.

You could be wondering where you can find a Dofollow blog service. Let’s have a look at Wordpress. You can create an account and freely blog in this site. You just post the articles with the inserted keywords in them on the new blog. Ensure that in each post, a banklink is included into your own website. This way, Dofollow links are built into your site.

You can also create a blog in a blogger then interact with others users. Blogger is another option you can use. Here you will freely share your mind and thoughts with others. Posting new articles on Blogger is quite an easy task. Gadgets and themes are some of devices you can decide to use to design your own blog. In each post you make, do not forget to create a banklink to the post that you’re building the links for.

You can thereafter choose to do social bookmarking. You can preferably do this at Digg. Always write some brief explanation in your blog or site when submitting them. Your site might then be ranked by other users, which in turn provides you with more banklinks. At times you can also decide to do this in Propeller.

Submitting your articles to Article Directories is also another wonderful way of getting Dofollow banklinks. Such article directories include Ezine Articles. Ensure that your banklink are inserted in the author resource box and not in the body of the article. Links in the body of the articles are no longer Dofollow, have been changed to Nofollow. When you submit at least 10 articles, be sure to get free account. There will be review and updating of your account after that. Consider ArticleDashboard as well.

Other than the ways we have discussed, there’s also another option that enables you to freely interact with others on the page you will have created. You simply open a free account and create a page. In your site, do not forget to insert one or two backlinks.

There are instances where you can easily distinguish between a Dofollow and a Nofollow hyperlink. This is simply by downloading and installing plugin that will display the hyperlinks on any web page. This can be possible when using Fire fox web browser. By just searching for the Dofollow plugin in the Firefox website you will identify sites that permit the Dofollow backlinks. In the tools menu you can easily download, install and activate it. In different colors it will highlight the various kinds of links.

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